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Non Asbestos Rubber Sheet

Product Code: NARS-123

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Material Non Asbestos
Color Green
Sizes 1.5Mtr x 1.5Mtr
Thickness 1.5mm upto 6mm
Density 1.75 ~ 1.90g/cm3
Preferred Buyer From
Location All Countries Except India


Non Asbestos Sheets are made of synthetic fibre, natural rubber, filler material and dye. They are compressed and calendared under high temperature and pressure into sheets. It eliminates the asbestos-rubber sheet essentially and thoroughly. AL Kun Steel Trading is the best Non Asbestos Rubber Sheet supplier in India.

Non Asbestos sheets of our company have resistance at high temperature and high-pressure for media as water, steam, salt, oil, solvents, Seawater, acids and other general chemicals. Non-asbestos gasket materials combine non-asbestos fibres such as fibreglass and aramid fibres with rubber to enhance the temperature and pressure performance of the gasket. Combining inorganic and organic fibres with rubber and fibreglass allows for a range of variants that have different mechanical specifications.

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