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Wafer Butterfly Valves

Series 700G Wafer Butterfly Valves

Product Code: WBV-123

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Discs and seats come in various materials to meet a wide range of needs. The ultimate general purpose valves with excellent cost performance.


Valve nominal size 40 to 600mm
Max. working pressure: 1.0MPa
Working temperature range:
NBR: -10 to 80 degrees C
EPDM: -20 to 120 degrees CSimple handling, durability, and long life are the most basic terms on which valves can be improved. TOMOE has now developed the 700G series, a superior pressure-proof general purpose valve, to improve cost performance and meet your various needs with its wide range of features. The 700G series is designed to satisfy many international flange standards, which can be used worldwide.


The body can be available in various designs such as wafer, semi-lugged and full-lugged, with various materials such as ductile iron and carbon steel, etc. The disc is also available with high-grade stainless steel, type 316, dacro coated or nylon coated carbon steel, aluminum bronze, or PPS. The patented cosine-curve structure is adopted for the seat ring. The 700G series is superior to conventional models in all respects.


701G: Nylon coated body is also available (50 to 300mm). Please contact us for more information.



Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Size 040 – 1-1/2", 050 – 2", 065 – 2-1/2", 080 – 3", 100 – 4", 125 – 5", 150 – 6", 200 – 8", 250 – 10", 300 – 12", 350 – 14", 400 – 16", 450 – 18", 500 – 20", 600 – 24"